We believe in courageous leaders of change who know that things just have to be different and they have a vision for what that might look like.

We do not offer courses, training schemes, working models or habits.  We simply come alongside you and your team and help you work out some steps forward from where you are to where you would prefer to be.  It's a wilderness wandering with someone alongside ... as well as God of course.  The Emmaus Companion will be your coach, encourager, challenger and biggest fan.  But they won't let you go back.

Contact Rob to see how we can help you or you and your team ... or maybe your local group of church leaders or, heck, the whole flippin' diocese of leaders if you have one of those annual conferences where an expert tells you the next fad for achieving it all.  We won't do that.  We will probably wreck the conventions of the conference ... but you will get an 'aha' moment that just might cause you to do something different.

We try to charge out our time at £500 a day which helps cover costs.  But we also have access to some charitable support for those who cannot persuade finance directors or church treasurers to spend their money effectively.  We are more interested in seeing leaders lead the necessary change than we are in seeing our accounts balance.  We trust the big guy who owns everything to give us a handout.

Just contact Rob and explore options.  Because if you keep on doing what you're doing you will keep on getting what you're getting and going where you're going.