Emmaus Leadership tries to keep costs to a minimum and is grateful to all of the Companions who agree much reduced rates for the work they do for us.

However, even with these reduced costs, we know that a lot of the Churches and Christian organisations we work with, not to mention individual leaders, find it difficult to raise the funds required to enable them to make best use of the coaching and support offered by Emmaus Leadership. We are pleased to have a growing number of financial supporters whose gifts make it possible for us to reach more leaders, churches and organisations with the development support we provide.

If you yourself have benefited from the input of Emmaus Leadership or have seen the benefit of it in your local church or organisation, you are invited to consider making a gift to help others benefit in similar ways.  Or you may simply be someone who recognises the importance of this kind of work at this time with Christian leaders pursuing transformational change.

A gift of £50 will provide one hour of coaching for an individual leader.  £100 provides the more realistic two hours that most leaders require!  £250 provides for a half-day of input for a leader and their team and £500 provides for a whole day.  Whatever you can offer will help and we are very grateful to you for your gift.